The facility was constructed mainly by the people of Makhado. There were approximately 1 300 people on site on a daily basis of which 40% were female construction workers. A total number of 760 of the construction workers were certified as qualified artisans at the end of the project. On completion of the project, the facility received the prestigious Five Star NOSA Safety Rating, a first for the Limpopo Province.

SACM places a high value on its socio-economic responsibility towards the town of Makhado and as such the sub-contractors Royal Mnandi and KCM have contributed millions over the past years towards Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). The facility also procures most of its goods from previously disadvantaged groups.

The community itself is also involved in the management of the facility. They are encouraged to visit the facility and make recommendations to the Prison Director.

Community Involvement and Outreach of the Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre:
The Correctional Centre does not function in isolation from the local community. Community members are not only fully involved in the rehabilitation process of the offenders, but offenders and management are equally involved in the empowerment and capacity building of the community.

  • Graduation ceremonies for offenders – Learning institutions represented.
  • Choral music competitions – choirs compete against community choirs and are judged by independent judges.
  • Religious services for 22 denominations hosted by religious leaders from the community.
  • Celebration of all national and international days e.g. HIV/AIDS, Reconciliation and Women’s Day.
  • Motivation speakers from a wide political spectrum.
  • Sports days and sports tournament. – Offenders compete against provincial and local teams.
  • Family days are hosted twice a year for all offenders.
  • Restorative justice projects – offenders manufacture goods and toys for the institutions such as children’s homes and old age homes.
  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Donations of computers to needy schools within the community.
  • Donation of all fresh produce from the horticulture gardens to Children’s Homes Old Age Homes and Homes for the Disabled.
  • A golf day is hosted annually and proceeds given to community projects.
  • Various outreach projects are delievered to the local community on an annual basis.