Our staff component consists of ninety seven percent previously disadvantaged individuals who were recruited locally and who, through this process, contribute to the socio-economic upliftment of the staff and the town in general.

Staff members are our most important asset and we recognize their value as the pillars of the facility.

The commitment and passion of the staff members towards their work have contributed much to enable the facility to set the standards and benchmark.

All officers have to undergo an annual 40-hour compulsory refresher training programme to provide them with the skills and competencies to face the challenges ahead.

Employees are briefed on the current security situation in the facility before they start with their duties on a daily basis and they are debriefed after lock-down. A security manager will debrief the staff in the event of normal operations and a psychologist or social worker after a serious incident has occurred.

SACM is an equal opportunity employer and employs a number of disabled individuals. The upliftment of women in society is also a key aspect and a number of female officers were placed in supervisory and managerial positions to take care of maximum security offenders.