What makes us different?

We provide quality people to deliver a higher level of service than expected. We provide systems and processes to ensure the continuous delivery of effective services to our clients. We believe in our people and we treat offenders with humane care and dignity. We ensure in the process that we comply with our contractual and constitutional obligations.

Our ability to respond to our client’s needs and the quality of services we provide is reflected in the pride we have in our organization. We believe that the level of integrity we have in our operation has been the key to our success to date.

Looking to the future, we are committed to the continual development of our services, strengthening the Public Private Partnership relationship that we have cultivated and continuously seeking new directions to bring a fresh leading edge towards the management of Correctional and Detention Centres.

Through our world-wide networks and partnerships, SACM has become an authority in the privatized development and management of correctional facilities. Our local expertise and access to global best practices, makes us a suitable partner for the development of continental strategies within uniquely different, complex and diverse criminal justice systems.

Our flagship project, Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre (KSCC), has become a benchmark in providing customized solutions to the sector. Our individual service offerings, although holistically applicable to the KSCC environment, have allowed us growth opportunities through a needs analysis process that incorporates a project management approach to problem solving.